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Waxing Face & Body

Gently and effectively remove unwanted hair from all body and facial areas with our convenient waxing services. Waxing is a great alternative to shaving, saving you time and providing even smoother results that last longer. If you’re someone who hates shaving, maybe it’s time you gave waxing a try!

Body waxing:

▪ Legs
▪ Bikini
▪ Underarms
▪ Brazilian
▪ Back

Facial waxing:

▪ Eyebrows
▪ Chin
▪ Lip
▪ Side of face

Before your waxing appointment

To get the best results from waxing, you should allow hair to grow for about two to three weeks, or to the length of a grain of rice. When hair is too short, it is more likely to break off during waxing, leaving the hair root behind and causing the hair to grow back quicker. It’s important that you allow enough time between your last shave or wax before coming in for a waxing appointment.

It is also smart to avoid excess sun exposure for one to two days before and after your waxing appointment. If you use any type of retinol or other exfoliating treatment on your face or body, please be sure to let your aesthetician know beforehand.

Financing your procedure

Special financing every time you use it. Low monthly payment options. No up-front costs or pre-payment penalties. To learn more about financing your procedure, please visit our financing page.

Live Better

Our goal is to make your dreams a reality, and we work to make that happen for each and every one of our patients.