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Woman putting hair in a bun while looking in the mirror

Stop Hair Thinning With Minimally Invasive Treatments

Heal hair follicles for thicker hair

Men and women of all ages can experience a variety of hair changes, thinning, and loss throughout their lifetime. Some changes you might experience are: excess hair in your hair brush, additional hair loss in the shower, receding hair line, a widening of your part, or thinning of your ponytail.

Hair loss in men and women can be caused from an array of contributing factors that include, but are not limited to: genetics, hormonal changes, stressors, aging, nutritional deficiencies, and underlying medical conditions.

CAPS is proud to offer many different, minimally invasive treatment options that are multi-targeting to address the key triggers of hair thinning and loss.

How does Sunetics light therapy work?

Using low-level light therapy, Sunetics aims to improve the overall health and condition of thinning hair through photo stimulation. Low-level light therapy helps increase the micro-circulation in the scalp. This supports the scalp by delivering essential oxygen, blood supply, and nutrients to the weakened follicle, improving the health of your hair.

It is recommended that a patient undergo multiple treatments of light therapy to ensure the best results. The number of treatments will depend on your unique circumstance. Our talented hair restoration specialists will discuss your individual treatment plan during your free consultation.

Each 30-minute treatment is completed in a relaxing, comfortable environment with no downtime or side effects. Many patients relax, read a book, or catch up on work emails while sitting under the light.

What are the benefits of Sunetics light therapy?

  • Universal – Treats hair loss for both men and women

  • No downtime – Takes less than 30 minutes

  • Natural – Using only light and your body’s own rejuvenating powers. No drugs, no pain, and no side effects

  • Affordable – We offer financing programs to meet your needs and help you move forward with treatment

  • Proven results – Patients see a decrease in excess shedding and a stabilization in their hair loss, and most see measurable regrowth

What other options do you offer for hair thinning?

There are many reasons why people experience hair loss, which is why CAPS offers different treatment options for both men and women. You can trust that all our hair thinning options are chosen and supported by research and clinical studies to give you the best support to maintain and nourish your existing hair.

  • CAPS hair care products: Our products help to improve the quality of hair by restoring hair volume, fullness, and moisture. They are designed to prevent breakage and maximize the growth cycle of the hair follicle — improving proteins in dermal papilla for better hair anchoring — and are clinically proven to reduce the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can shorten your hair growth cycle and weaken the hair follicles.

  • Nutrafol oral supplements: These supplements are clinically proven to improve hair growth rate, quality, and overall health. Supportive ingredients include ashwagandha, collagen, and bio-curcumin.

  • Blood platelet therapy – This is a safe, effective treatment that is widely used in many specialties including hair restoration, aesthetic medicine, women’s health, orthopedics, and pain management. Blood platelets are rich in vital growth factors and proteins that stimulate and promote your body’s natural healing process. A simple blood draw is required for this treatment. Once drawn, we use a centrifuge to isolate your blood platelets for the procedure. This is then injected into the thinning areas of your scalp and topical platelet-poor plasma is applied to your treatment site. We offer many different pre-treatment measures to help minimize discomfort. When your own blood platelets are injected into the scalp, it will nourish your existing hair follicles and promote the growth and thickening of those follicles by bringing oxygen, blood flow, and nutrients to the area.

We offer these hair loss solutions, along with Sunetics, in multiple package options so you can take advantage of each treatment’s benefits for the best results. Schedule a free consultation with us to see which options will work best for you!