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Facial Procedures

Let who you are on the inside shine on the outside. Explore a wide range of face procedures that help you show your true self to the world.

Group photo of the CAPS Plastic Surgeons

Face procedure surgeons & specialists Meet Columbus, Ohio's Top

CAPS offers diversified services overseen by seven award-winning plastic surgeons among the most sought-after in the Midwest. Our facial plastic surgeons in Columbus, Ohio, are specialists as well as artists. Whatever your aesthetic goals are, you can feel confident that there's no better place to have a facial procedure than CAPS.

Finance Your Face Procedure

At CAPS, we believe everyone deserves to experience the power of living confidently. You’re not just choosing a facial procedure; you’re making an investment in yourself. So we make it easy to arrange financing for your treatment, and we will work with you to find the option that suits you best.

Financing Information