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Get Results With NeoGraft

A minimally invasive hair restoration procedure.

Did you know that there are approximately 50 million men around the world who suffer from male pattern baldness or thinning hair? Male pattern baldness can be hereditary or caused by a variety of other issues, and can result in decreased confidence and self-esteem.

If you have experienced or are starting to see significant hair loss but still have some areas of growth, NeoGraft® could be a great solution for you. Available for men, it offers a significant improvement in hair loss when compared to former hair transplant procedures. And even better, NeoGraft does not leave a lasting scar.

How does NeoGraft work?

NeoGraft can give a fuller and thicker head of hair by transplanting hair follicles from select areas on the scalp to the areas that have been affected by hair loss. The procedure is performed using a surgical instrument that allows for careful extraction of the individual hair follicles from the scalp without any scarring. These follicles, taken from an area where hair is growing well, are immediately transplanted to the areas of the scalp where they are needed.

What happens during and after the procedure?

Depending on the number of grafts, the treatment can take anywhere from four to ten hours, and multiple treatments may be needed. The number of treatments will depend on your unique circumstance, but in many cases, just one procedure can be enough to attain desirable results. Our talented hair restoration team will discuss your individual treatment plan during your free consultation.

Recovery time after a NeoGraft hair restoration procedure is much faster than traditional hair transplants because there is no incision involved. The newly implanted grafts may feel tender and appear slightly raised at first, but this should subside in one to two weeks. Your hair restoration provider will instruct you on how to properly care for your new grafts, but most patients are able to return to their usual routine within two weeks after completing the procedure.

What are the benefits of NeoGraft?

  • 95% success rate – Because we are harvesting your own hair follicles, there is little to no chance of hair graft rejection

  • Results that speak for themselves – Achieve a more natural-looking
    head of hair

  • Innovative technology – The most precise procedure for hair extraction and transplantation

  • Minimally invasive – Little to no discomfort since there is no need for an incision

  • Faster recovery – No staples means no linear scar and patients can usually go back to work the next day

  • Less restrictive – Fewer activity restrictions than the traditional strip methods of hair transplant

  • Affordable – We offer financing programs to meet your needs and help you move forward with treatment